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Decorative Colourful Stone Kumkum Box

SKU: 3J22055
Sale priceRs. 75.00

Introducing the Decorative Colourful Stone Kumkum Box, a vibrant fusion of tradition and aesthetics. This meticulously crafted box is adorned with colorful stones, adding a delightful touch to your sacred rituals. Its intricate design not only serves as a functional kumkum container but also stands out as a decorative piece, enhancing the visual appeal of your sacred space. Elevate your religious ceremonies with this unique and eye-catching Kumkum Box, beautifully combining cultural significance with a burst of vivid hues.

Note : The colours you see on your device may vary due to the varying colour reproduction, brightness, resolution and temperature of individual devices. If you'd like more clarity before your purchase, please contact our customer engagement team at +917604936565/+919003003841